Bathroom Renovations Done Professionally

Jun 12, 2018

Bathroom renovations are excellent for improving the bathrooms’s appearance and functionality. While in some cases, minor updates, such as refreshing the color of the cabinets is enough, there are bathrooms that need the know-how that only professionals can offer – if you are a homeowner in Aurora, Newmarket or in the surrounding area and you think that your bathroom needs more than a few easy updates, Castle Ridge Construction is here to help you.

The Castle Ridge team provides comprehensive remodeling for bathrooms, including not only design work, but bathroom repairs as well. The services offered range from the installation of independent living accessories, such as a bench for your shower or grab bars to replacing the shower or the bathtub, plumbing repairs and the installation of new faucets and other fixtures.

What Castle Ridge teams add to professionalism and responsibility is excellent tastes and attention to detail – we make sure that each of your new tiles will be installed with utmost precision, that the new color of the bathroom will be perfect, that every square inch of your new bathroom will reflect your signature style down to the smallest detail, that everything in the bathroom will work flawlessly and we do all these for affordable rates.

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