Sep 18, 2019

Boost the Appeal of Your Home with a Remodel

With the support of the experts at Castle Ridge you can ensure that your renovations bring you a lot more than your moneys worth

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 Aug 21, 2019

The Important Appeal of Bathroom Renovations

Looking to start working on some cool bathroom renovations Aurora experts would recommend

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 Jul 15, 2019

Home Construction and Remodeling Choices Made Easy

Home construction and home renovation should be one of your top priorities whether you want to sell your home or make it a pleasant haven for you and

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 Jun 17, 2019

Ideal Bathroom Renovations for Homeowners

The bathroom renovation solutions offered by Castle Ridge focus on providing attention to detail and outstanding quality

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 May 16, 2019

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations in Richmond Hill

You can rely on them for the most professional support for home renovations regardless of whether you just want some small changes or you want to add

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 Apr 18, 2019

Get the Most Out of Your Project with Some of the Best Contractors in Aurora

The best general contractors can turn even your most challenging projects into pure gold with their expertise and excellent organization

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 Mar 20, 2019

Home Renovations and Design with Castle Ridge Construction

With services like Castle Ridge Construction you can eliminate all guesswork Castle Ridge offers excellent support when it comes to anything from home

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 Feb 25, 2019

The Ideal Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Service

Whether you need an elegant kitchen remodel or a relaxing bathroom remodel job that is focused on elevating your overall property value you can get th

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 Jan 28, 2019

Hiring the Most Dependable Contractors

providing you with a professional site manager and some of the best workers in the region

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 Dec 18, 2018

Get the Best the Market Can Offer for House Remodeling in Aurora

With Castle Ridge you can get bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects completed in record time and well above your expectations

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 Nov 19, 2018

Advanced Home Improvements Offered by the Best Local Contractor

Interested in turning your extensive renovation goals and home improvements into reality

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 Oct 22, 2018

Enjoy the Versatile Services of the Best General Contractor in Newmarket

find a dependable general contractor to help plan your projects and assist you with everything from innovative renovation solutions to repairs and bui

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 Sep 20, 2018

Bathroom Renovations Made Easier

When it comes to bathroom renovations finding a contractor who can really help you out can be a real advantage

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 Aug 13, 2018

Why Opt for a High Quality Kitchen Remodel with Castle Ridge Construction

Remodeling your kitchen might not be the easiest of tasks but its definitely necessary from time to time

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 Jul 19, 2018

House Remodeling and General Contracting

Our service range includes remodeling and updates for any room in the house whether it is a complete renovation for your bathroom or just a new shower

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 Jun 12, 2018

Bathroom Renovations Done Professionally

While in some cases minor updates such as refreshing the color of the cabinets is enough but there are bathrooms that need the know how that only prof

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 May 17, 2018

The General Contractor You Can Rely On

With Castle Ridge Construction, home renovations are done smoothly the building permits necessary for the project are obtained in time the materials g

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 Apr 16, 2018

House Remodeling and the Service You Need to Stay on Top of Renovation Projects

House remodeling has become an endeavor that many homeowners in Aurora tend to prefer these days not only for practical reasons but also to make their

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 Mar 16, 2018

Why and How to Work with Contractors - Newmarket

The experts at Castle Ridge Construction are professionally licenced and certified to work in your area. Our contractors are familiar with city, provi

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 Feb 22, 2018

How to Negotiate a Better Price with the Best Contractors Richmond Hill Is Home to

We believe in fair pricing and customer satisfaction; No job is too big or too small for Castle Ridge Construction

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 Jan 24, 2018

Newmarket Solutions for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations offered by Castle Ridge Construction contractors combine elegance and smart designs with simplicity and a bathroom built for func

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 Dec 20, 2017

Budget Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Richmond Hill

A bathroom remodel is money well spent especially if you can get it done on a budget

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 Nov 27, 2017

Homeowners No Longer Need to Be Worried about kitchen renovations

Kitchens are focal points in any home the space where the family spends time together and also the area where friends love to stay in when they come o

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 Oct 25, 2017

Home Renovations: Richmond Hill

When it comes to home renovations, Richmond Hill is one of the areas where renovation and remodeling trends have changed over the past few years

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 Sep 26, 2017

Choosing the Best Contractors Newmarket Is Home To

Whether you are looking for kitchen or bathroom contractors, Newmarket is one of the few places where you have a lot of options for remodeling and ren

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 Aug 31, 2017

Home Improvements Newmarket

Both the kitchen and the bathroom are focal points of your home – their appearance and condition will influence the way you feel in your home, s

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 Jul 27, 2017

Ready to Remodel?

With access to expert contractors and highly skilled trades workers our team is capable of handling any task, we will work with you to ensure that you

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 May 15, 2017

Home Remodeling & Renovations

Castle Ridge Construction has everything you need for your next home renovation or remodel. From general contracting to materials & construction waste

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 Apr 27, 2017

What is a Contractor

Find out how a general contractor from Castle Ridge Construction could make your next project easier

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 Feb 07, 2017

Your Local Construction Experts

With over 30+ years of experience working in construction and new home building the experts Castle Ridge Construction are ready to help you with your

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 Jan 09, 2017

Castle Ridge Construction on Reno-Proof Me

Castle Ridge Construction was happy to have been featured on the Reno-Proof me web site

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 Jan 05, 2017

Bathroom and Kitchen Contractors in Newmarket

Learn how a contractor can help you on your next bathroom or kitchen remodel with a Castle Ridge General Contractor. - Newmarket

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 Dec 31, 2016

Kitchen Remodeling Newmarket

Castle Ridge Construction is ready to help you tackle those kitchen or bathroom renovation that you've planed for the new year.

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 Dec 20, 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Castle Ridge Construction

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 Nov 20, 2016

Bathroom Renovations

Whether you are looking to completely remodel your bathroom or are just interested in making a few small changes, Castle Ridge Construction can help.

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 Oct 05, 2016

Home Renovations and Improvements Newmarket

Home improvements are a necessary part of home ownership, and the longer you own your home the more important these changes become.

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 Aug 16, 2016

Kitchen Renovations Newmarket Area

Local Kitchen Renovation & Remodel Experts. Proudly serving Newmarket, York Region, Richmond Hill and many more for over 15 years.

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 Aug 09, 2016

General Contractors

Hire a general contractor today to make quick work of any project. Put their knowledge and skills to good use. Contact Castle Ridge Construction today

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 Jun 06, 2016

New Trucks, Same Professional Service

When our professional contractors arrive at your home for a quote or renovations they will arrive in our newly designed company vehicles.

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 Jun 06, 2016

Closet Interiors

Newmarket based Castle Ridge Construction can help you achieve this by redesigning the closet interior to maximize space and efficiency.

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 May 05, 2016

Renovations and Home Improvements

The renovation specialists at Castle Ridge Construction inc. will walk you through the process and will make their own suggestions, too.

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 May 05, 2016

Castle Ridge Construction - Dedication, Professionalism, Hand-On Approaches and Expert Guidance

If you think your bathroom can do with a facelift or just some new elements, Castle Ridge Construction will deliver the best service.

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 May 05, 2016

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

Newmarket-based Castle Ridge Construction will transform your kitchen and will provide the best, most favourably priced practical solutions.

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 Apr 11, 2016

Home & Kitchen Construction

Castle Ridge Construction is the local contracting experts in kitchen and home construction newmarket. This spring get a free quote for your kitchen r

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 Mar 02, 2016

Bathroom renovation and remodeling

During this crazy winter season we have had in newmarket and surrounding areas, Castle Ridge Construction has been hard at work renovating and remodel

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 Jan 28, 2016

Winter Home & Kitchen Renovations

During these winter months Castle Ridge Construction does not stop our home and kitchen renovation, no matter the time of year Castle Ridge Constructi

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 Nov 02, 2015

Fall Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling

During this fall it is important to take care of your bathroom and kitchen by giving them a remodel. Remodelling your kitchen or bathroom is a great w

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 Sep 23, 2015

Kitchen Renovations Newmarket

Castle Ridge Construction kitchen renovations are top quality workmanship that people can rely on. Castle Ridge Construction has done many kitchen ren

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 Aug 12, 2015

Trust the Pro's When it Comes to Your Home Renovation Project

At Castle Ridge Construction we know how important your renovation project is to you as we have a family home too, right here in Newmarket. Castle Rid

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 Jul 15, 2015

Assisted Living Conversions in Newmarket

Castle Ridge Construction has been assisting home owners with a variety of special needs with their special renovation requirements.

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 Jun 09, 2015

Hire an Experienced Kitchen Renovation Contractor

Servicing Newmarket, Aurora and the surrounding regions of York and Simcoe, Castle Ridge Construction has been renovating and restoring kitchens and b

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 Apr 07, 2015

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Newmarket

Your home renovation project is never easy and sometimes finding the right materials, the right time and the right contractor is not an easy task.

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 Mar 26, 2015

Why NOT to renovate your kitchen in the spring?

Renovations can be timely and costly at any time of year but spring is no different.

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